The Angelus: A Call To Kill Busyness and Tune Into God


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Do you ever feel like your life is consumed by busyness? That there’s always something demanding your attention and pulling you in different directions? It can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, but what if I told you that there’s a way to break free from this cycle of constant activity and tune into God instead?

Enter the Angelus. This ancient prayer, traditionally recited at 6am, noon, and 6pm, offers a powerful invitation to pause, reflect, and connect with God amidst the chaos of everyday life.

By taking just a few minutes each day to recite this prayer and meditate on its message, you can cultivate a deeper sense of peace, awareness, and spiritual connection that will help ground you in your faith no matter what challenges come your way.

So why not give it a try? Take a deep breath, let go of your worries for just a moment, and join me as we explore the beauty and power of the Angelus together.

The Power of Sacred Pause

Taking a sacred pause in our hectic lives can be a game-changer. Mindful presence and intentional rest can bring about spiritual rejuvenation and mental clarity, giving us the power to tune into God’s voice amidst the noise of busyness.

When we take a moment to pause, we give ourselves permission to slow down and pay attention to what’s happening around us. We become more aware of the beauty that surrounds us, noticing details that we may have missed otherwise.

This state of mindfulness allows us to fully appreciate the present moment, which is often where God speaks to us most clearly. By taking intentional breaks throughout our day, we create space for spiritual growth and renewal — leading us towards a deeper connection with our Creator and ultimately finding peace within ourselves.

The Annunciation of the Angel Gabriel to Mary

As you hear the angel Gabriel proclaim to Mary that she’ll bear a child, you can’t help but feel the weight of God’s plan unfolding before your eyes.

Divine intervention was at work as Mary, a young and faithful woman, was chosen by God to be the mother of Jesus Christ.

Mary’s faithfulness in accepting this monumental task serves as an example for all believers.

She didn’t let her own fears or doubts get in the way of following God’s plan for her life.

Instead, she trusted in His guidance and allowed Him to use her as an instrument for His divine purposes.

As we reflect on Mary’s story, we’re reminded that sometimes we need to step back from our busyness and allow ourselves to be open to God’s calling in our lives.

May we strive to have the same level of faithfulness and obedience as Mary did when faced with unexpected challenges in our journey towards spiritual growth.

Embracing Humility, Obedience, and Surrender

By embracing humility, obedience, and surrender, we can learn from Mary’s example and allow ourselves to be used by God for His divine purposes. It takes courage to let go of our own plans and trust in God’s plan for us.

In today’s society, busyness is glorified and being productive is seen as a measure of success. However, practicing stillness allows us to quiet our minds and tune into God’s voice.

Trusting God requires surrendering control over our lives and accepting that He knows what is best for us. This can be challenging when we have our own desires and ambitions. But like Mary, who said ‘let it be done to me according to Your word,’ we must also submit ourselves fully to God’s will.

By doing so, we open ourselves up to the amazing things He has in store for us. So take a moment to pause from your busy life, practice stillness, and trust that God has a beautiful plan for you too.

Prioritizing Relationship with God

It’s essential to prioritize your relationship with God if you want to experience His blessings and live a fulfilling life.

In a world that prioritizes busyness and productivity, it can be easy to forget the importance of spending quiet time with Him. However, maintaining spiritual disciplines such as prayer, Bible study, and meditation can help us stay connected with our Creator.

Making time for God may require making sacrifices in other areas of our lives, but it’s worth it.

When we prioritize our relationship with Him, we develop a deeper understanding of who He is and what He desires for us. We begin to see His hand at work in our lives and experience the peace that comes from trusting in Him.

So take some time today to step away from the chaos and distractions of life and spend some quiet moments with God. You won’t regret it.

Cultivating Peace and Awareness in Daily Life

To experience a more peaceful and aware daily life, you need to intentionally take moments throughout your day to pause, breathe, and connect with the present moment. It can be easy to get caught up in the busyness of our lives, constantly moving from one task to another without truly taking a moment to rest and recharge.

However, by cultivating mindful presence and intentional rest into our daily routines, we can create space for God’s presence in our lives. One way to practice intentional rest is through the Angelus prayer.

This prayer invites us to pause three times a day (6am, noon, and 6pm) and reflect on the Incarnation of Christ. By setting aside these specific times each day for prayer and reflection, we are reminded of God’s constant presence in our lives and invited into deeper relationship with Him.

So take a deep breath right now as you read this – it’s okay to slow down. Remember that God desires for you to live fully present in each moment of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history behind The Angelus prayer?

Have you ever wondered about the history behind the Angelus prayer? This centuries-old tradition dates back to medieval Europe, where it was used as a call to prayer three times a day: at dawn, noon, and sunset.

Its name derives from the Latin word for ‘angel,’ as it’s traditionally accompanied by the ringing of church bells. Today, many Catholics still incorporate the Angelus prayer into their daily routine as a way to pause and reflect on their faith.

By taking a few moments each day to disconnect from our busy lives and turn our focus towards God, we can find peace and belonging in something greater than ourselves.

How can someone incorporate The Angelus prayer into their daily routine?

Incorporating prayer into your mindful daily routine can bring about numerous Angelus benefits for spiritual growth. Taking a few moments throughout the day to pause, reflect, and connect with a higher power can help ground you and provide a sense of purpose amidst the chaos of daily life.

Additionally, incorporating prayer into your daily routine helps foster discipline, consistency, and accountability in your spiritual practice. By making time for prayer each day, you’re actively prioritizing your relationship with God and nurturing your personal growth.

So why not try incorporating the Angelus prayer into your daily routine and see how it positively impacts both your spiritual life and overall well-being?

What are some other ways to prioritize a relationship with God besides prayer?

If you want to prioritize your relationship with God beyond prayer, there are many other practices that can help deepen your connection.

Meditation is one powerful way to quiet your mind and tune into the divine presence within and around you. By regularly practicing meditation, you can cultivate a deeper sense of peace, clarity, and insight that can help guide you on your spiritual path.

Additionally, reading scripture is another valuable tool for deepening your relationship with God. Through studying sacred texts like the Bible or Quran, you can gain wisdom and understanding about the nature of God and the world around us.

Ultimately, by incorporating these practices into your daily routine alongside prayer, you can create a more holistic approach to spirituality that helps you stay connected to the divine in all aspects of life.

How can one cultivate peace and awareness in daily life when faced with a busy schedule?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your busy schedule and struggling to find peace and awareness in your daily life? Mindful practices can be a powerful tool for cultivating mindfulness and reducing stress.

By setting aside time each day to meditate, breathe deeply, or simply focus on the present moment, you can cultivate a sense of calm and clarity that will help you navigate even the busiest of days.

Additionally, effective time management strategies such as prioritizing tasks, delegating responsibilities, and setting boundaries with technology can help you reclaim control over your schedule and create more space for the things that truly matter.

With these simple yet powerful tools at your disposal, you can cultivate a more mindful approach to life and deepen your connection to yourself, others, and the world around you.

Are there any specific teachings or traditions within Christianity that emphasize the importance of taking moments of pause and reflection?

Christianity has a rich history of emphasizing the importance of taking moments of pause and reflection. Through meditation practices, believers are encouraged to connect with God on a deeper level, while Sabbath rest is viewed as a time for rejuvenation and restoration.

These teachings remind us that despite our busy schedules, it’s essential to take regular breaks from the chaos around us. By doing so, we create space for introspection and deepen our relationship with God.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, remember that Christianity offers guidance on how to cultivate peace and awareness in the midst of busyness.


So, there you have it. The Angelus isn’t just a mere Catholic tradition or habit. It’s a powerful invitation to pause and connect with God amidst the busyness of our lives.

It reminds us to prioritize our relationship with Him and cultivate peace and awareness in our daily affairs. If you want to deepen your spiritual life, consider incorporating this beautiful prayer into your routine.

Let it be a call for you to kill busyness and tune into God’s voice. Embrace humility, obedience, and surrender as Mary did when she accepted God’s will for her life.

Remember that in silence, we can hear His gentle whisper leading us towards the path of righteousness.

Pedro is an active member of his local Military Community Parish. When not worshipping God and spreading his good word, you can find him spending quality time with his family.

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